You'll see

Sáng tác: Madonna & David Foster | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | Madona | 57

b [Em] #
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1. You [Em] think that I can't [D] live without your [Em] love, you'll see
You [Em] think I can't go [D] on another [Em] day
[C] You think I have [D] nothing
[B] Without you [Em] by my side
[Em] You'll see [D] somehow, some [Em] way

2. You [Em] think that I can [D] never love a-[Em] gain, you'll see
You [Em] think that you des-[D] troyed my faith in [Em] love
[C] You think after [D] all you've done,
I'll [B] never find my [Em] way back home
[Em] You'll see [D] somehow, some day

Chorus: [Em] All by [C] myself
[D] I don't need [G] anyone at [C] all
I know I'll [F#7] survive
I know [B] I'll stay alive
[Em] All on my [C] own
[D] I don't need [G] anyone this [C] time
It will be [F#7] mine
No one can [B] take it from me
[Em] You'll see

3. You [Em] think that you are [D] strong, but you are [Em] weak... you'll see
It [Em] takes more strength to [D] cry, admit [Em] defeat
[C] I have truth [D] on my side
[B] You only [Em] have deceit
[Em] You'll see [D] somehow, some day

[Em] You'll see... [D] ...You'll see
[Em] You'll [D] see...[Em]


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- Madona [Em] 

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