Take my heart

Sáng tác: Soko | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | Soko | 120

b [D] #
Ẩn hợp âm

You can take my [A] heart for a walk on the [D] beach
You can take my [A] heart for a little [D] trip
You can take my [A] heart very close to your [D] heart
You can take my [A] heart forever if you [D] like

But [A] not every [Em] heart be-[F#m] longs to any [D] other
[A] You and [Em] I, You and [F#m] I are [D] meant to be
I'm the one for [A] you, You're the one for [Em] me
You love me [Bm] as much as I do
[D] When you [A] look at me and we're skin to skin
I [Em] want you [Bm] so please come [D] in

And you [A] love me more and more
And my [Em] love grows up with [D] you
And you [A] kiss me more and more
And I kiss you, [D] too, and I [A] kiss you, [D] too


Tone ca sĩ:
- Soko [D] 

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