I will

Sáng tác: The Beatles | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | The Beatles | 96

b [F] #
Ẩn hợp âm

Who [F] knows how [Dm] long I've [Gm] loved [C] you?
You [F] know I [Dm] love you [Am] still.
[F] Will I [Bb] wait [C] a [Dm] lonely [F] lifetime?
If you [Bb] want me [C] to I [F] will.

For [F] if I [Dm] ever [Gm] saw [C] you
I [F] didn't catch [Dm] your [Am] name
[F] But it [Bb] never [C] really [Dm] mattered [F]
I will [Bb] always [C] feel the [F].same

[Bb] Love you for-[Am] everand for-[Dm] ever
[Bb] Love you with [C] all my [F] heart
[Bb] Love you when-[Am] ever we're to-[Dm] gether
[G] Love you when we're [F] apart [C7]

And [F] when at [Dm] last I [Gm] find [C] you
A [F] song will [F] fill the [Am] air
[F] Sing it [Bb] loud so [C] I can [Dm] hear [F] you.
Make it [Bb] easy [C] to be[Dm] near [F] you
For the [Bb] things you [C] do endear [Dm] you to [F] me
[Bb] Ah, you[C] know I [F] will.

[Bb] La la la la la [Dm] La la la la [Bb] La la la [C] la la la [F] la


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- The Beatles [F] 

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