I will survive

Sáng tác: Freddie Perren & Dino Fekaris | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Slow | Gloria Gaynor | 111

b [Am] #
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1. At [Am] first I was afraid I was [Dm] petrified
Kept thinking [G] I could never live without you [Cmaj7] by my side
But I [Fmaj7] spent so many nights, thinking [Bm7] how you did me wrong
I grew [Esus4] strong I learned [E] how to get along

And so you're [Am] back from outer [Dm] space
I just walked [G] in to find you here with that sad [Cmaj7] look upon your face
I should have [Fmaj7] changed my stupid lock, I should have [Bm7] made you leave your key
If I had [Esus4] known for just one second you'd be [E] back to bother me

Chorus:Go on now [Am] go walk out the [Dm] door
Just turn a-[G] round now ‘cause you're not [Cmaj7] welcome anymore
[Fmaj7] Weren't you the one who tried to [Bm7] hurt me with goodbye
Did you think I'd [Esus4] crumble, you think I'd [E] lay down and die

Oh no, not [Am] I, I will sur-[Dm] vive
As [G] long as i know how to love, I [Cmaj7] know I will stay alive
I've got [Fmaj7] all my life to live, I've got [Bm7] all my love to give
And i'll sur-[Esus4] vive, I will sur-[E] vive, (I will sur-[Am] vive)

2. Only the [Am] Lord could give me strength not to [Dm] fall apart
Though I tried [G] hard to mend the pieces of my [Cmaj7] broken heart
And I spent [Fmaj7] oh so many nights, just feeling [Bm7] sorry for myself
I used to [Esus4] cry, but now I [E7] hold my head up high

And you see [Am] me, somebody [Dm] new
I'm not that [G] chained up little person still in [Cmaj7] love with you
And so you [Fmaj7] felt like dropping in, and just e[Bm7] xpect me to be free
Well, now I'm [Esus4] saving all my loving, for some-[E] one who's loving me


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- Gloria Gaynor [Am] 

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1. At [Am] first I was afraid I was [Dm] petrified Kept thinking [G] I could never live without you... 111