I don't wanna lose you tonight

Sáng tác: Cindy Hire & Gerd Rochel | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | Sơn Tuyền | 90

b [C#] #
Ẩn hợp âm

1. [C] Rain in the weather, where is the sunshine?
[Am] Frozen teardrops for a long time
[F] Lonely, I love in my dreams a-[G] gain.
[C] In the seven (??), ain't no moonlight
[Am] Where's the reason for the cold eyes?
[F] Don't you know? I'm searching for your [G] hand.

Chorus: [Em] There is a chance of [Am] feelings, [F] for you only I [G] dreamt it
[Em] I wish you could be-[Am] lieve it, [F] now is the time to [Dm] see a new [G] life!
I don't wanna [C] lose you tonight, take me from the [Am] dawn to the light
There is someone [F] love, I'm so [G] sad, and so [C] lonely, so [G] lonely
I don't wanna [C] loose you tonight, let me now you [Am] stay by my side
And I need your [F] love, there's the [G] way to find who you [C] are

[Instrumental] [Em][F] [G][C][G][F][G]

2. [C] Crying faces in the gentless,
[Am] with the love I'm feeling helpless
[F] Now I'm dying let me be with [G] you
[C] Where's the rainbow, where's the blue sky?
[Am] From the summer, miss the good time
[F] Just Remember, I'm searching for your [G] hand


Tone ca sĩ:
- Sơn Tuyền [D] - Patty Ryan [C#] 

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1. [C] Rain in the weather, where is the sunshine? [Am] Frozen teardrops for a long time [F] Lonely, I love... 90