Gimme gimme gimme your loving

Sáng tác: Bad Boys Blue | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Disco | Bad Boys Blue | 108

b [Am] #
Ẩn hợp âm

Intro [Am][Em][G][Am][Em] (X2)

1. Little [Am] lady, you're my [Em] music
[G] You're my favorite [Am] song
Little lady, like to [Em] play
[G] Through the night, on and [Am] on
And I [F] know how to go [C] slowly
To the [F] bottom of your [E] soul

Chorus: [Am] Gimme, gimme, gimme [Dm] your lovin'
Give me vi-[G] bration and sweet inspi-[Am] ration
Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme your [Dm] lovin'
Don't keep me [G] waiting, for-[E] ever

[Am] Little lady, give me [Dm] more
Give me more of your [G] love
And magical [F] healing
So [Am] little lady, keep me [Dm] warm
In your arms to-[E7] night

2. Little [Am] lady, you're my [Em] ocean
[G] Let my boat sail [Am] along
Little lady, something [Em] tender
[G] Through my heavenly [Am] home
Take your [F] time, time for de-[C] votion
Lay your [F] body next to [E] mine


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- Bad Boys Blue [Cm] 

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[C] Love me tender [D7] love me sweet [G7] Never let me [C] go You have made my [D7] life... 87
1. [D] I know your eyes in the [F#m] morning [Em] sun [Bm] I feel you [Em] touch me... 63
[Em] So close no matter [D] how far [C] [Em] Couldn't be much more [D] from the heart [C]... 99
[Em] This holiday you'll be far away [G] And I'll be all alone [C] So please remember this December... 72
Intro : [G][Em][C][D] I [G] know just how to whisper and I [Em] know just how to cry I [C]... 102
[C] Girl you are my [Dm] love You're my heart and [G] soul You're my shining [C] star My [Am] love is... 99
1. Sois [D] pas fache si je te chante les souvenirs de mes 15 [Em] ans Ne boude pas si... 174
Intro: [D] [Bm] [E] [D] [A] [Bm] [A] 1. When I'm [A] cold and lonesome [Bm] inside [A] Underneath the heavenly... 96
1. When I [C] find myself in [G] times of trouble [Am] Mother Mary [F] comes to me [C] Speaking words... 81
[G] Hear the [C] wind sing a [Bm] sad old [Em] song It [Am] knows I'm [D7] leaving you to-[G]... 105
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Intro [Am][Em][G][Am][Em] (X2) 1. Little [Am] lady, you're my [Em] music [G] You're my favorite [Am] song Little lady, like to [Em]... 108