Do you remember

Sáng tác: Phil Collins | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | Phil Collins | 165

b [F] #
Ẩn hợp âm

Intro: [F] [Am] [Bb] [C] - [F] [Am] [Bb] [C]

Verse 1
[F] We never talked [Am] about it
But I [Bb] hear the blame was [C] mine
and I'd [F] call you up to say I'm [Am] sorry
But I [Bb] wouldn't want to waste your [C] time

'Cause I [Bb] love you, but I can't [F] take any more
There's a [Bb] look I can't describe in [F] your eyes
[Bb] If we could try, like we [Am] tried before
Would you keep on telling me those [Bb] lies? (Telling me lies)

Ooh, do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]
Ooh, do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]

Verse 2
[F] There seemed no way to make [Am] up
'Cause [Bb] it seemed your mind was [C] set
And the [F] way you looked it [Am] told me
It's a [Bb] look I know I'll never for-[C] get

[Bb] You could've come over to my [F] side
[Bb] You could've let me [F] know
[Bb] You could've tried to see the [Am] distance between us
But it seemed too far for you to [Bb] go (So far to go)

Ooh, do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]
Ooh, do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]

[Am] Through all of my [Dm] life
[Am] In spite of all the [Dm] pain
[Am] You know people are [Dm] funny sometimes
'Cause [Bb] they just can't wait to get hurt [C] again

Ooh, do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]
Verse 3
[F] There are things we won't re-[Am] call
And [Bb] feelings we'll never [C] find
[F] It's taken so long to see [Am] it
'Cause we [Bb] never seemed to have the [C] time

There was [Bb] always something more im-[F] portant to do
[Bb] More important to [F] say
But "I [Bb] love you" wasn't [Am] one of those things
And now it's too [Bb] late

Do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]
(Now it's over)
Do you remem-[F] ber? [Am] [Bb] [C]
(Now it's over)


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- Phil Collins [F] 

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