Come on over

Sáng tác: Bee Gees | Nhạc Quốc Tế | Điệu: Ballade | Olivia Newton John | 132

b [G] #
Ẩn hợp âm

1. If my [G] life gets like a jigsaw
[C] With the pieces out of [G] place
Come on [D7] over
Put a smile back on my [G] face

2. And if [G] all my bad days came at once
[C] You would know just what to [G] do
Come on [D7] over
Baby, you would see me [G] through.

Chorus: And [C] if you think I [D7] need you
Come on [G] o-[C] ver
Bring your love a-[G] round
You can [Bm] dry away my [Am] tears [D7]

And [C] if you think I [D7] need you
Come on [G] o-[C] ver lay your body [G] down
You [Bm] know I will be [Am] here
[D7] So bring your love a-[G] round

Bridge: [G] When I cannot see in front of me
[C] And I know my darkest [G] day
Come on [D7] over you can take it all a-[G] way.

* [G] If you think if you [C] think I [G] need you [C] come on [G] over.


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- Olivia Newton John [Ab] - Bee Gees [E] 

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